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Almost everybody has come across the cheap, neoprene drink sleeve designed to hopefully keep your drink at the optimal temperature. It’s a fantastic concept —Unfortunately, your drink continually leaks from condensation buildup. The temperature rarely stays consistent. And the poor design means it’s not durable or universal

Bottom line? It’s no more than a common giveaway that you’ll soon throw away. (sigh)

Here at KingKooler, we believe the right drink at the perfect temp makes all the difference. It’s why we’ve designed a durable, beverage insulator that’s the polar opposite of the cheap drink sleeves we’ve all grown tired of and adjusts to fit whatever you pull out of a cooler.

Think about it…Backyard BBQs. Pool parties. Golf Course. Sporting events. Just about every social gathering is surrounded by one of your favorite drinks.  

If our favorite beverages are the reliable companions showing up to witness our hard work and inspire our creative spurts, then they must stay at the optimal temperature.

KingKooler is the designer, manufacturer & reseller of High-End Beverage Insulators & our aim is to provide quality products that our customers are proud to tote around, adjust to fit anything you pull out of a cooler and most importantly keeps your beverage hot or cold.  Most insulators on the market today are not easy to pack, only fit a few beverages, or are poor quality.  KingKooler solves all these problems in with simple, rugged and first-class products.

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