The KingKooler Difference

Easy to Pack | Ultimate Versatility | Premium Quality | Lifetime Warranty

Versatility Demonstrated

  • KingKooler Koozie Wraps adjust to fit whatever you pull out of the cooler.  The Universal Koozie that will fit almost every can & bottle.


    Good for any beverage…from an 8 oz - 24 oz can to any of your favorite bottled beverages.  Simply adjust the velcro to fit!


    KingKooler wraps are made with quality products that are durable enough to last a lifetime. You can wash, pack, and use your KingKooler wrap again and again. We are so confident, we offer a lifetime WARRANTY!

  • Made in USA

    Made IN USA

    We could have gone overseas, but we didn’t.  We proudly manufacture our products right here in the USA.  This creates US jobs and allows us to better control quality.


    KingKooler wraps are designed to EASILY go with you wherever your adventures take you.  Smash, roll, fold, or shove your KingKooler wrap in any backpack, glovebox, gift bag, tackle box… or simply your back pocket.


    Wash and reuse, again and again and again and... you get the idea. Stop tossing cheap neoprene sleeves into the landfill and upgrade to a KingKooler wrap today!


    KingKooler wraps will not set off metal detectors, so you can conveniently take them to your favorite sporting event, concert, or any other venue.